Topik untuk Presenting Ideas [SAS]

01. Games give more harm than benefits to children
02. Communism is better than democracy
03. Death penalty should be banned
04. Sex before marriage should not be treated as immoral
05. Prostitution should be legalized

General ideas about these topics:

Topic 01
Many games are released today, along with graphical upgrades, more extensive gameplays, and better consoles. Most games claim to be "educational", and some also claim that games can provide the gamers, especially children, with knowledge of the world. However, games steal their time to study, and to play outside with their friends. Games are also capable to make them lazy, making those children fat, and not in a healthy condition. So, it is yours to decide: do games give more harm than benefit to children? Or are they really "educational"?

Topic 02
Among many ideologies in this world, there are two biggest ideologies that are commonly practiced: Communism and Democracy. Communism is an ideology which believes that everybody should be the same, and that the country is everything - sometimes even more than God. Democracy, on the other hand, is an ideology which believes that the country is the civilians', and they deserve to have personal rights. Some believe that democracy has caused chaos because of its "freedom of choice", and believe that communism is better because "everybody is the same". So, it is yours to decide: is communism better than democracy?

Topic 03
The worst penalty that you could ever get in your life is death penalty. Usually this type of punishment is reserved for the worst of the worst of criminals - those who do murders, severe corruptions, major drug dealers, etc. Some people believe that they should be punished to death because of what they have done: abolishing other people's rights. But, some also believe that they still deserve to live, and they can still change. So, it is yours to decide: Should we ban death penalty?

Topic 04
When people fell prey to their lust, they often do wild and prohibited things. For example, sex before marriage. According to the moral standards - sex should be done after marriage, not before marriage. However, some people argue that they are doing it because each of them wanted to do it, did it safely (using condoms, birth control, etc.), and were ready to face the consequences. In Indonesia, the majority of the civilization are Muslims. So, they disagree with the idea above - they wanted to abolish this new trend - and according to them, it is immoral (incorrect according to moral standards). So, it is yours to decide: Should sex before marriage be treated as an immoral act?

Topic 05
There are many types of jobs in this world. One of them - is prostitution. Women, or rarely, men, practically sold their body for use, usually for sex. In some countries, prostitution is considered illegal, because it is considered as an immoral act, and some countries also argue that by making it illegal they are protecting the rights of the people. The right of purity. However, in some other countries, prostitution is considered legal. These countries argue that prostitution can be a good source of income if it is treated and handled correctly. They are not violating the rights of the people to have "recreational facilities". So, it is yours to decide: should prostitution be legalized?

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